Why a Mini Grinder / Engraver Is the Best Tool to Include In Your DIY Kit

It can sometimes be hard to choose what type of tool to include in your DIY kit, especially when there are so many great hand tools to choose from. Most people usually go for the most powerful and biggest tools they can find. But in many cases, a small tool can be a lot more functional.

A mini grinder/engraver is a perfect example of a very small tool that can do a great many things which can ease a lot of household tasks.

What Is A Mini Grinder?

A mini grinder like the Matrix 4V Cordless Grinder Engraver is a small device that fits comfortably in your hand. This little tool has one main function; it has a fast-rotating tip that you can combine with different types of tips like a mini sander or buffer.

The machine is designed to quickly rotate the little tip you insert in the front and you can adjust the speed by turning the variable speed control dial. The Matrix 4V has a speed of 5,000 up to 15,000 rotations per minute and allow you to perform a wide range of tasks.

What Can You Do With A Mini Grinder?

These tools might be small but they are remarkably flexible and functional. They are used for all sorts of small tasks like the following:


These grinders are ideal for wood carvings. They can be used to carve any wood type, including some harder types, and can be handy for creating all sorts of designs or cuts in wood. They are too small for large carvings like handrails but are ideal for smaller carvings like pot handles, decorative wall art, nameplates, and more.


Mini grinders are perfect for cutting off all sorts of things. With the right tip, you can use them the way you use a normal grinder and cut small items like dell sticks, wires, and nails. The fast tool is very flexible to use because you can move it around with ease since it is battery-operated and cordless.


You can also use the tool for grinding. It is perfect for gridding down rough surfaces on materials like wood, concrete, and even steel. Naturally, it is only practical for small grinding tasks, but it is very functional for grinding and smoothing surfaces in all hard-to-reach areas or for smoothing edges around cuts and drilled holes.


Lots of people use these tiny tools for polishing. The handy tool comes with lots of accessories including a polishing buff that you can use for polishing small items like stones. It can also help polish larger items with grooves and contours.


The fast rotating speed of these small tools makes them perfect for soft drilling tasks. You can drill holes in wood or use it to drill substances out of hard-to-reach areas like grooves.

Nail cosmetics

While these grinders are not recommended for nail care, some use them to file down hard cosmetics like acrylics or poly gel. The different files included in these kits are perfect for shaping files or for removing old cosmetics before applying a new set of nails.


These handy tools are also great for engraving just about any type of object. They can be used for engraving leather, steel, wood, concrete, and many other items that you might want to label or mark.

One of the best things about these mini tools is their portability. When you buy them from Matrix Tools, you get a USB recharge cable that you can plug into any computer, laptop, or USB port. The entire system is easy to grab and take along on any trip and it is a handy accessory to keep in your car.