The Many Uses for a Grinder

A grinder is a must-have whether you are a simple homeowner or someone who enjoys taking DIY projects on a regular basis. Out of all the different power tools available on the market, this is probably one of the simplest, yet most functional items you can own.

What Is An Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is a versatile power tool that consists of a motor and a rapidly rotating disk. This rotating disk can be replaced with different types of disks so you can perform a series of tasks. These power tools can differ in size. Some are smaller, more portable, and can be operated with battery packs while others are larger, more powerful, and require electricity to power the motor. Most of these tools operate at a high speed of about 12,000 revolutions per minute but some angle grinders do come with variable speed control and can be set to rotate at speeds as low as 2,800 rotations per minute.

The Many Uses for an Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are found in just about every garage and workshop because they can be useful for many different applications. Here is a quick look at the best ways to use your angle grinder.

As A Cutting Tool

Angle grinders can be used for cutting all sorts of materials that are not too thick. With the right cutting disk, you can cut metal, aluminium, concrete, brick, pavers, wood, and many other dense materials.

With a metal cutting disk, these tools can be used for cutting through metal sheets, bolts, pipes, and many other metal items of about 5mm in thickness.

When you attach a segmented rim disk, you can use these machines for cutting through concrete, brick, masonry, pavers, granite, and limestone. For these types of materials, it is however recommended to take regular breaks so your machine can cool down.

Abrasive flap blades and abrasive carving blades of different shapes and sizes can help you cut through and shape wooden items or even carve wood depending on the type of blade you attach.

You can even cut materials like stone or tiles by adding a cutting disk so you can make the nee3ded shower, garden, and pathway repairs in and around your home.

As A Cleaning Tool

Grinders are often used for cleaning and stripping old coatings from surfaces. By adding a sanding disk, you can use your angle grinder to remove paint, rust, lacquer, and many other deposit types from surfaces like metal, concrete, or even wood.

Plastic disks are usually recommended for cleaning metal since these disks will keep you from damaging the base metal.  But for softer materials, you will need the right disk or you can easily cut into the wood or concrete below the surface that you might want to strip off.

A Shaping Tool

Grinders are also useful for shaping or smoothing surfaces. You can use your grinder to smooth a poor welding job so it will look nicely finished or to shape wood into all sorts of designs. Grinders are sometimes even used to shape stone or rocks so you can create stonework accessories like garden bowels, basins, or decorative rock features.

Sharpen Other Tools

You can also use your angle grinder to sharpen other tools in your collection. You can orient the grinding disk at the angle of the blade that needs to be sharpened and sharpen all sorts of tools like lawnmower blades, axes, chisels, and many more.

Angle grinders are probably the best and first power tools to add to your DIY collection. If you don’t have one yet then it is time to visit Matrix Tools so you can get a quality cordless angle grinder that will help you with these and many other tasks.