The Difference between a Drill and Impact Driver

Are you wondering what the difference between a drill and an impact driver might be? Perhaps you are wondering which of these two tools to get or if you should invest in both? These devices can look very similar with almost identical shapes and they are often sold together as a set. Even though these tools look alike, their functionality is quite different. In this guide, we are going to take a look at the main differences between these products and we help you figure out which one you should buy.

What Is A Drill?

Drills are sometimes referred to as drill drivers or drive screws but shouldn’t be confused with impact drives. The main function of a drill is to create holes in other surfaces.

These devices can be corded or they can be cordless with battery packs. They tend to be a bit bulkier than impact drivers and can be fitted with different types of drill tips so you can make holes of different sizes in different material types.

What Is An Impact Driver?

The main task of an impact driver is to drive screws fast. These devices are designed with quick-release shanks in which you can fit all quarter-inch hex driver bits. Impact drivers produce a lot more rotation force and drive screws into the wood within seconds. They can produce a lot more torque than a standard drill and function in quick bursts known as impacts. The bursts of speed occur 50 times per second and the devices rotate their bits or screws into materials in a two-step forward, one-step backward motion. Compared to drills, impact drivers tend to be a bit more compact in size.

Main Differences between a Drill and an Impact Driver

These two devices look and function in much the same way. Both are designed to spin when a trigger is pulled, both have variable speeds, and both can be wired or wireless. The main differences between these devices are however as follows;

  • Drills are bulkier while impact drivers tend to be more compact.
  • Drills are for making holes in materials, impact drivers are for driving nails or bolts into materials.
  • Impact drivers tend to have more torque.
  • The drilling pattern of a drill is circular in one direction for forward and in the other direction for backward. The drill pattern of an impact driver is two forward and one back to secure screws into materials or two back, one forward to loosen up previous bolts.

Should You Get An Impact Driver Or A Drill?

A standard drill is just fine if you are only drilling holes and doing occasional drives using medium-sized screws.

But for large wood projects like building a wooden deck or a treehouse, it might be better to get an impact driver because it will drive the screws into the wood without having to drill holes before you add the nail or bot.

For an average DIY enthusiast, it is usually much better to simply buy both of these tools. With both at your disposal, you can perform a wider range of tasks a lot easier.

We do hope that this guide was helpful for understanding the main differences between these two common tools and that you now realise which one you should buy and if you perhaps need both in your collection. At Matrix Tools, you can find a wide range of quality power tools including the most functional impact driver and drill set you will ever use. These are incredibly functional since they battery operated with interchangeable battery packs.