The Best Tools for Spring Cleaning Projects

It is time to celebrate spring because this favourite season is finally back. For many people, this time of the year is even better than starting a new year. There are lots of things to love about this vibrant season. The warmer weather, the new growth, the brighter and longer days… the list just goes on and on.

One thing about spring that isn’t quite as appealing is the cleaning. Homes and gardens tend to be extra dirty after a long winter. A layer of dust covers all surfaces, fallen leaves and dead plants are still strewn all over your garden. For a true fresh feeling when you step into the garden, all of this waste must first be removed.

Spring cleaning your garden and home isn’t the most fun job but it sure is a lot of fun to try a few new cordless tools. Here is a quick look at some powerful tools that will ease your spring cleaning projects. 

A Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is at the top of our list because raking up leaves is such hard work and can be so time-consuming. With a cordless Matrix leaf blower, you can pile up all of those dead leaves without breaking a sweat.  

These handy devices are ideal for cleaning all sorts of surfaces. You can sweep up dust and debris from your lawn, artificial turf, walkway, driveway, pebble ground coverings, and dust your home exterior surfaces. Your leaf blower is even a functional tool for cleaning your roof. The powerful air will blast all of those dead leaves and dust from your roof and out of your gutters. This one simple tool can save you many hours of hard work. 

A Grass Trimmer

Lawns grow a lot slower in wintertime. The leaves tend to stay shorter so you can often go weeks without mowing. But lawns still expand horizontally. By now, your edges probably look pretty rough with lots of overgrowing clawing their way up walls and over walkways.  

You can grab a pair of clippers and go on all fours to clip and trim the edges of your lawn but this is brutal work. With a cordless Matrix X-One Grass Trimmer, you can smooth all of those edges without bending your back or scraping your knees.   

A Chain Saw

It is important to trim all the trees around your home at least once a year. Spring is a good time to trim your trees because you can easily identify dead branches. 

Trimming the trees on your property can be tricky and dangerous. It is much safer to trim trees with a Matrix battery-powered pole chainsaw because you don’t have to climb up on a ladder to reach tall branches. This chainsaw can be mounted on a pole so you can reach heights. It is also battery powered so you can move with ease and the chainsaw comes with many safety features like an auto-off function that will keep you protected even if you do fall.   

A Reciprocating Saw

If a chain saw is too intimidating for you then a Matrix reciprocating saw can be a better option. 

These hand-held saws are extremely easy to use, they can cut through a huge variety of materials and they are battery powered so you can stay mobile. A lot of people prefer these saws over chainsaws because you can cut a wider range of materials and take it inside the house for minor repairs.   

With these handy tools, your garden clean-up projects will go a lot quicker and you will get much better results. You can get your entire property spring cleaned in no time at all.