Reasons to Go Cordless With Garden Tools

Is it time to stock up on some new landscaping tools? Wondering what type of tools to get? Well, if you are looking to make a modern choice that will offer you the best long-term benefits then you should consider cordless garden tools. 

Landscaping tools, like so many other handheld tools, have come a long way these past few years. 

Cordless devices are proving to be just as effective as more traditional corded tools but they offer a lot more benefits. Here is a quick look at some of the top benefits you will enjoy when you choose to go cordless with your garden tools. 

  1. The Tools Have Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are revolutionary in that they charge much quicker and take a lot longer to discharge compared to other battery types. Batteries that do not use lithium technology start with a lot of power but quickly fades away. The result was that batteries gave out too fast or became discharged before you could manage to get any real work done.

With lithium-ion batteries, you can get a lot more work done between charges, your batteries require less time to reach maximum power and these batteries tend to be much more durable compared to other types. 

  1. Battery Packs Are Interchangeable

Besides that these batteries are superior in terms of durability and functionality, they also offer you a lot more flexibility. When you buy landscaping tools of the same brand, you can use the same battery packs on multiple devices. One single battery can be used to power your leaf blower, grass trimmer, or hedge trimmer. 

If one device’s battery runs dead, you can simply switch it out with the other handheld tools battery and keep working. The flat battery can then be placed in the charger in the meantime.  

  1. The Tools Are Lightweight and Easy To Use

Battery-powered garden tools are a lot lighter and easier to use compared to gas-powered tools. These devices tend to be lighter and more compact. They are also a lot easier to operate and tend to have a lot more safety features. 

These smaller designs don’t impair their efficiency in any way. In fact, it just becomes a lot easier to use these tools because you have a lot more freedom to move with ease. 

Compared to corded tools, battery-powered tools are also lighter and easier to use because you have a lot more freedom to move wherever you like without being restricted by a power cord. It is also much safer to use a battery-operated tool rather than risk cutting off your live electric cord by accident while you are working.  

  1. Fewer Maintenance Requirements

Cordless gardening tools don’t need a lot of maintenance to keep them in good condition. Gas-operated devices, on the other hand, do require quite a lot of TLC. These devices are a lot bigger and have more complex components that need to be properly maintained to keep your tools in good running condition. 

Even the storage for cordless tools is simpler. Before storing these tools, you simply remove all the batteries. You can also store the batteries fully charged so you can be ready to power up your devices when it is time to get to work on your garden again. 

  1. They Are Better For the Environment

Cordless tools tend to be more environmentally friendly compared to gas-operated tools. Gas devices like a gas lawnmower produce a lot of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and other organic compounds. Cordless devices function on electricity which doesn’t have a quite as terrible effect on the environment since so many renewable sources are now being used to generate power. 

If you are still struggling to unroll a tangled electric cable or struggling to get your old gas mower up and running then it is time to rethink the way you go about gardening. Cordless devices are much easier to use and at Matrix Tools, you can shop a wide range of tools that are superb for easing your gardening chores.