Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Power Tools In Great Shape For Longer

It is just about impossible to get by without at least one power tool in your possession. Power tools are functional for so many projects and they make it much easier to get your own home repair jobs done. Quality power tools usually don’t come cheap. This is exactly why you need to take good care of these items while using them, especially after using them when they go into storage.

In this guide, we are going to share a couple of great maintenance tips that are sure to keep your pricey tools in good shape for longer.

Invest In Quality

The importance of quality tools can never be over-exaggerated. Quality tools can endure a lot more wear and tear and will last a lot longer despite the additional wear and tear. It is much better to spend a little bit more on something that will last longer than to waste money on something that isn’t powerful enough to get the job done right and that will likely break down within the first year of use. For quality tools that last, we recommend you stock up on products from the Matrix brand.

Invest In Power Tools With Compatible Accessories

It is very frustrating to struggle with tools from different brands that all use different accessories like drill tips battery sizes and chargers. When all of your tools vary a lot in terms of battery and operational accessories we often end up trying to pair the wrong device with the wrong accessories. This can cause a lot of damage to electrical devices like power tools. 

It is always better to stick to the same brand and, especially good to invest in power tools that are compatible with one another. 

Store Power Tools Properly

Power tools should be stored properly to keep them nice and clean. Too much dirt and dust deposits on these devices can cause rusting which may alter their functionality. Storing your tools properly will also keep them away from rodents that might cause damage. It is best to keep these accessories in a tool carry bag when you are transporting them or when they are kept on an open shelf. 

Let Tools Cool Down

Power tools are designed with safety features that keep them from burning out. If the power tool is running hot or heating up then you will likely notice it performing slower and slower. When this happens, you should stop working and allow it to cool down properly before continuing. This simple step can keep your motor from becoming damaged.

Clean After Every Use

Even the toughest and best quality power tools need to be cleaned properly after every use. To clean these useful items, you should wipe them down with a clean soft cloth. You can also get a soft bristle brush and clean inside all of those hard-to-reach areas or use an air compressor and give the tool a quick blow down after using it. 

Giving your tools a quick clean will keep contaminants out of rotating and moving parts and reduces the chances of premature wear and tear.

Lubricate The Tools

Proper lubrication will help prevent corrosion and keeps all rotating and moving parts in good shape. This can also prevent overheating. Do some research on your tools and find out if you should get a wax-based or graphite-based lubricant. Apply this lubricant regularly or before placing your tools in storage.

With these tips, all of your quality tools from Matrix Tools are sure to stay in great shape for longer and will be ready for work whenever you have a new project to take on.