How to Ease Lawn Maintenance and Get A Great Looking Lawn at the Same Time

Spending time in the garden and doing garden work is very healthy. It is believed that gardening activities are good for your heart, reduces stress, reduces dementia risks, boosts your mood, exposes you to Vitamin D, and can help you combat loneliness.

While it is good for you to do gardening, many of us find it hard to make time for these activities. With less time for gardening, your garden becomes worse for wear with every passing week. The worse your garden gets, the less enthusiastic you feel about these activities.

It is important to get out and do some active work in the garden, but it is also important to keep your maintenance low so you won’t end up neglecting this part of your home. There are quite a few different things you can do to reduce lawn maintenance and boost the way your lawn looks. Here are some of the best techniques for those who want to save time, reduce effort and get a great-looking lawn.

Get a Leaf Blower

When the seasons start changing and leaves start to fall, your gardening chores double up. It is hard to rake up leaves from your lawn because the rake blades always seem to get stuck in the grass. Leaving dead leaves on your lawn isn’t healthy for your grass at all because your lawn will get uneven colour patches and growth rates since the dead leaves block out the sun. 

A leaf blower is a great tool to have for those with plenty of falling leaves during autumn. You can just grab the blower and blow all the leaves onto a pile until you have time to pick up the green waste. Raking can take you hours while using a leaf blower will take you only a few minutes.

Get a Grass Trimmer

Edging or trimming your lawn edges takes a long time if you are doing it with shears or with a spade. If you have a cordless trimmer, you can reduce the amount of time you spend and the effort required for edging a great deal because you can simply hold up the machine and it will cut your edges to perfect shapes.

If your lawn is very small, you can also consider investing in a small hand-held hedge trimmer. These trimmers are very compact and can be used to smooth out the lines of your lawn edges.

Get a Quality Mower

Old petrol mowing machines tend to be tough to operate, especially if your mower is old and frequently dies on you. To save more time on these activities you should invest in a new electric mower or battery-operated mower. Electric mowers are quicker to use and battery-operated mowers give you more freedom to move without struggling with petrol or with annoying wires.

Create a Proper Watering and Mowing Schedule

When you water your lawn more often, it will grow much faster and you will need to trim and mow it more frequently. If you water for longer more infrequently, your lawn will learn to sprout deeper routes and the leaves will grow slower so you won’t have to cut as often. Your lawn will also grow much faster during summer compared to springtime. 

Consider these factors and draw up a watering and mowing schedule. With the right watering schedule, you won’t have to mow quite as often and your lawn will still look great. 

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With these handy tips and great quality products from Matrix Tools, we are quite sure that your garden will look much better in no time at all.