Fun Facts about Modern Electrical Tools

Usually, when we think about technological advancements, the first things that usually come to mind are objects like laptops, computers, and smartphones. We often forget that modern tech is also having a huge impact on other devices like electrical tools. The tools we have available to us today are a lot different compared to tools used a decade or two ago. With these modern devices, we can work a lot more efficiently and perform a much greater variety of tasks without having to hire specialized equipment.

In this guide, we are going to have a look at a couple of fun facts about modern electrical tools and how they ease everyday handyman tasks.

Just About Everything Is Wireless

The days when you had to struggle with long extension cords and an annoying cord that gets in your way as you cut, saw, and drill is long gone. In these modern days, just about all electrical tools are available in wireless form. Devices like electrical drills, wireless leaf blowers, cordless electric hedge trimmers, cordless electric saws, and wire-free sanders allow you to move and work with ease. And these tools offer great power, performance, and hours of use despite that they are battery-operated.

The Batteries Are Much Better

Modern cordless tools function a lot better than tools of a decade ago. The battery life of older power tools used to be extremely limited, the tools didn’t offer much power, and rechargeable batteries didn’t last long. Lithium-ion batteries were a true game changer in the cordless world. These batteries are a lot more powerful, and durable, and are typically much quicker to recharge. 

One Battery Pack to Rule Them All

Batteries in homes are always a nuisance because not only do they run flat at the most unexpected times, they vary. You need different batteries for your clocks, remotes, scale, speakers, and electrical toys which means there usually isn’t a compatible size available when you need it. This usually means a lot of frustration and an extra trip to the store before you can proceed. 

Some modern tool brands like Matrix Tools developed a system that eliminates this common issue for good. This is because all of their electrical tools are compatible with the exact same battery pack. You can buy lots of spare batteries if you want to keep working for longer or you can simply grab the battery pack of another tool when your current one is running low on energy.

Modern Power Tools Have More Safety Features

Advanced tech is making modern power tools a lot safer to use. There is a significantly lower risk of electrification, the tools are easier to use, speeds are adjustable, the design is more accessible for easier handling, and tools are often accompanied by safety gear like goggles or masks that can also protect you.

Power Tools Have Become More Affordable

Just about everyone can afford power tools these days because they have become very affordable. It is not uncommon to see home garages fully equipped with enough tools to start a small business. The ability to own a wide range of power tools can also make a huge difference in the cost of maintaining your home since you can do most of the work yourself. 

The Drill Is the Most Important Power Tool

Out of all the many different power tools on the market, the drill is probably the most important. You can use this one tool on various material types and create a much more secure fitting compared to using nails. If you have to pick one power tool then we suggest you start with this one.

If you want to know more about modern electrical power tools or if you are shopping for a quality tool then you should take a look at some of the products we have on Matrix Tools. With our tips and products, you can learn to do just about anything.