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How to find the right drill for the job

Very few tools are as essential for any homeowner as the electric drill. Whether it's putting up framed pictures, assembling a DIY kit, or any other household tasks, a handheld power drill makes quick work out of tasks that would otherwise require more than their fair share of elbow grease.

There's just one problem: cords. The most powerful handheld drills all need a connection to mains power to work, meaning you're limited in the areas you can work in without long extension cords — or are you?

Battery-powered drills aren't underpowered anymore; with the right choice, you can equip yourself with a valuable tool you can rely upon for years to come.

At Matrix GmbH, we're proud to bring the quality and finesse of German engineering to the Australian market at a competitive price.

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The power of a Matrix brand drill

Why purchase a power drill from us?

When you buy one of our products online, you can expect a simple and enjoyable experience that's far more relaxing than any trip to the hardware store.

Here's how we hold ourselves to high standards:

– We keep our customers informed; everything you need to know about our items is easy to find. When you're unsure whether a product such as the handheld drill is right for the task, don't hesitate to ask — we'll fill you in on any details you need to make a decision.

– We accept returns of unopened products within 30 days when you aren't fully satisfied with what you've received. Making this process simple is just one way we provide customer-friendly service.

– Buyers receive free shipping anywhere in Australia on all orders over $80 when purchasing X-ONE equipment (including most of our handheld drills!). This allows you to fill your tool kit with everything you need for less.


The best of German engineering

You want a power tool designed for performance. We guarantee that our cordless tools will deliver the best results.

Our X-ONE product line is groundbreaking in many ways, but most important of all is its universal battery. The same battery you use for your drill can power many of the other tools we provide – garden tools, saws, sanders, air pumps, and more.

This means that when you buy a cordless drill from us, you can enjoy benefits such as:

– The ability to swap batteries into any other X-ONE unit. All our electric tools and appliances accept the same standard battery for true ease of use.

– Robust power and control whether you're drilling into a soft surface or a tougher material. We aim to allow you to successfully complete whatever task comes your way.

– Cost-effectiveness. The purchase of the drill and battery together as a kit allows you to save – you can even buy a second battery separately for even more power and peace of mind that you will always be able to use your tools.


Your one-stop online shop for cordless tools

Is there anything more frustrating than knowing you could complete a job if only you had the right tools?

With Matrix GmbH and X-ONE products, you never need to worry about having the right gear or breaking the bank buying tools. With cost-effective options, prompt shipping, and helpful customer service, you'll be ready for anything.

Whatever tool you need, we have a range of quality equipment available – order now!


Cordless drills for professionals

Our cordless drills are designed to deliver the power you need to tackle any job day after day.

For tradies and other professionals, drills are a tool you can't work without. That's why we've created the ultimate cordless drill that balances power with price, allowing you to get the results you need for your projects without paying a fortune. Save time, money – and, most importantly, your stress levels!

Join the thousands of professionals in over 40 countries around the world who use our tools and find out why we're considered one of the best.


Our cordless combo kits

Our 2 piece and 3 piece cordless combo kits are a great way for you to upgrade your old tool kit for an affordable price. We offer:

– Drill and impact driver combo kits

– Impact wrench and drill combo kits

– Drill, impact driver and angle grinder combo kits

– Brushless drill and impact driver combo kits


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